The One Secret to Becoming a Brand New Mama in 2019...

January 1, 2019


Hey mama. 


How's it going?


I know, I know. You're going to spit out the typical "I'm doing great, how are you doing?" line because isn't that what we all say when we're in a rush? When we pass people we know at Walmart, but really don't have the time to sit for three hours in the middle of the juice aisle pouring out our heart's story to them while they constantly glance at their watch, right? Because let's be honest, who really has time for all that?


And sweet mama, I think that's just the problem. 

I think the reason why your heart is full of burden, of mess ups, of regrets, of I wish I would have's and have not's...because you and me? We absolutely have no time. 


We're woken up in the morning by our sweet kiddos asking for juice cups from us before we've even had time to the see the sun come up. And after our feet hit the floor? Well, the rest is history, am I right? We are going non stop, all day long. As a mama living in the 21st century, we are pulled in a million different directions. Directions that, in my opinion, were never really intended for us to walk when God created Eve. 


Can you imagine what life must have been like for her in the garden way back in the beginning?

"The two of them, Man and Woman, were there naked and yet, they felt no shame..." Genesis 2:25



Mamas, Eve walked around all day every day in her BIRTHDAY SUIT , feeling absolutely NO shame, having absolutely all the time in the world to walk with God...and here we are, running around like crazy people feeling as mamas more shame than we're willing to even admit, FULLY CLOTHED in spit up, yesterday's yoga pants and makeup! Eve was naked and felt zero shame in who she was and we're covered head to toe in clothes, feeling as if a dumptruck of shame has been poured on top of us!


Why is this so, mamas? What did Eve have that we lack? And how can we get to the place of walking in absolute freedom and confidence as the mama God has called us to be in this brand new year of 2019?


Well, I think unlike Eve, we're carrying way more than just the weight of yoga pants and an old t shirt. We're carrying the weight of trying to rise up to these unrealistic expectations put on us by the world and it's physically and emotionally killing us. 


"My yoke is easy and my burden is light..." Matthew 11:30 says, so how come you and I don't feel light? How come we feel weighed down? 


You are worn thin, precious mama. You are buckling underneath the weight of trying to be put together all the time and God's offering you the opportunity of walking away from it all, of walking away from trying to be a perfect mom and rather, placing your focus on pursuing godliness over perfection. 


Because when our eyes are fixed on Christ, we find a grace in His presence that pours over into our babies. We find a joy in His presence that brings joy into our home. We find a slow and sweet pace with him as we, like Eve, walk with Him slowly throughout our day, throughout the garden of life.


Do you want to become a new mama for 2019?


Throw off your shame. Lay it at the feet of Jesus and pick up more moments with Him, in the same way Eve did. Choose this year to learn who He is, to learn more about His heart, to spend more time in His Word, at His feet. 

This year, throw off shame and go for a walk with Him.


When we pursue godliness OVER perfection, ironically, God looks at US and sees nothing BUT perfection. He sees His Son...and He is fully pleased.


His hand's extended out to you today, on the first day of this New Year, and He's ready to go on a walk with you. Care to join Him? 




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